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FindARTs— "High Fidelity ART Display" The World's Finest ART Technology

AUO FindARTs delivers sophisticated color reproduction technology and an encrypted cloud platform for original artworks, simultaneously preserving authenticity and facilitating their display. FindARTs originated from the eye-care technology developed by the Innovative Application Development department at AUO Corp. Since 2016, we have successfully advanced A.R.T. (Advanced Reflectionless Technology), achieving color standards that match those of museums, thus showcasing the power of High-Fidelity Art Display technology. FindARTs allows authentic pieces to transcend space constraints, offering limitless experiences. Our goal is to create first-rate ART display spaces, ART Boutiques, and sustainable services for you. Recently, our client base has expanded to include museums, art galleries, hotels, businesses, and art collectors.

Excellent ART Experience Solution

  • Cooperation

    • Co-branding Partnerships with Artists
    • Artwork Authorization
    • Digital Rights Management
  • Distinguished Artists' Classic Creations Exhibition

    • Custom Fames by Professionals
    • Professional Installation Services
    • Situational Display Solutions
    • Curatorial Planning Partnership & Professional Guided Tour
  • Art Curatorial Tools for Various Circumstances

    • Image Acquisition and Artwork Digitization
    • Custom Fames by Professionals
    • Professional Installation Team
    • Art Curatorial Tools for Various Circumstances
    • Museum-level Image Processing and Color Correction
    • Tools to Display Art During the Restoration Period of Original Works
  • Corporate Gifts Design

    • Custom Gift Card
    • Authentication Certificate
    • Content & Collection Encryption Key
  • Digital Archival Service

    • Image Acquisition and Artwork Digitization
    • Museum-level Image Processing
    • Unique Color Correction Technology

FindARTs Core Technology Integration of Three Professional-Level Art Display Technology Management Systems

A.R.T. High-Fidelity ART Display
  • A.R.T.Tech ( Advanced Reflectionless Tech)
  • Wide Color Gamut/ Ultra High Resolution
  • Extremely comfortable viewing experience
  • Multiple size applications (17”/32”/85”)
Content Management and Protection
  • FADGI four-star rated scanning service
  • Digital Rights Management(DRM)
  • Security dongle for content protection (Key Pro)
Artwork Exhibition and Cloud Management System
  • Artwork playlist & tour guide system
  • Unique Color Correction Technology
  • Cloud system for content scheduling

The World Class Recognition

SID2021-People’s choice Award Best New Display Component A.R.T. film/glass display
The Highest Standard, Four-Star Image Quality of FADGI In The United States
World-class color correction technology, conforms to ISO 12646:2015 standard
International Medical Journals Verify That It Is Glare-Free With Eyes Comfort.

Service Cases "To date, we have collaborated on over 100 classic and original artwork authorizations, with our services expanding to 6 countries worldwide."

ART Space Service

ART Space Solution for First Bank’s Flagship Banking Center

Our Art Space Program had established a flagship center of high-level customer financial management for First Bank, heightening the high-end service quality to business and allowing the VIPs to sense the unparalleled artistic atmosphere when they enter the venue. We successfully enhanced the interaction between the bank and VIPs who received top-quality and meticulous service.

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Curating Services

ART Curation Solution for “Icons & Identities: Masterpieces of Portraiture,“ an Exhibition by Chimei Museum and London-based National Portrait Gallery

Our Curation Services successfully assisted Chimei Museum in presenting two important pieces of art – the portraits of Henry VII and Elizabeth II – in the touring exhibition from National Portrait Gallery, even though they could not travel abroad.

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Content Service

Authorized Classics Collections by Prominent Artists

FindARTs is deeply involved in the realm of art and content creation services, offering authorized collections of classic creations by renowned artists and works accredited by world museums and international masters. Our customers can explore a wide range of classic paintings, high-end photographic works, and more. Through our gallery, viewers can embark on an international artistic journey from any location.

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